Ch 12 Pg 24
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Ch 12 Pg 24

dedicatedfollower467 18th Dec 2018, 12:00 AM edit delete
and that's the end of chapter twelve!

thank you all so much for your patience - i hope you enjoyed the rest of this chapter.

unfortunately, alfdis and gunnora is going on indefinite hiatus.

working on this chapter as part of my thesis really took a lot out of me. by the end of it, i was absolutely sick of the story. i know this chapter introduces a new plot twist but.... frankly alfdis and gunnora really "ended" in chapter eleven.

maybe someday i will come back to this. i would love to finish this new conflict, and i would love eventually get these two dorks together.

but right now, i just don't have the mental or emotional energy to do that.

thank you for the wild ride alfdis and gunnora hs been. my faithful readers have inspired me in so many ways - if it hadn't been for you, i would never have become the artist i am today.

if you're interested in seeing whatever my next project is going to be, i highly recommend you follow me on Tumblr, Twitter, or Instagram. I've been posting my semi-regular diary comics on all three platforms, and whenever i start a new project, the info will be there.

thank you all again - i love you all so much.



kjc 18th Dec 2018, 2:30 PM edit delete reply
While I'm sorry to see this end, I certainly understand working so hard on something that it loses all meaning for you.
It's just time for you to move on. Thanks for posting what you had finished...and I love your auto/bio comics. Just keep drawing, it'll all work out.