Soldier's Pack
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Soldier's Pack

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The Soldier's Pack!

The King's Army Soldier's Pack is a basic set of equipment available at most outposts and barracks for soldiers to take with them when travelling. It has all the "stuff" a dwarf would likely need while on the march. Keep in mind, this is a very basic version of the equipment - most soldiers will bring other things or substitute their own equipment out.

1. Backpack. This is a large backpack with multiple inside pockets and several straps for attaching extra things. It is made of heavy, hard-wearing canvas and usually dyed green or brown.

2. Chain shirt, also known as a chain skirt. Chainmail is an absolute STAPLE of the soldier's equipment, with the exception of the very elite who wear full plate armor. Generally, pike soldiers (such as Gunnora) wear a simple chainmail shirt. The general purpose of chainmail is to protect the wearer from blunt-force trauma. This is ideal for most Army dwarves, because generally when they fight, they're fighting orcs, who tend to prefer blunt-force weapons. (The number of goblins so far is highly unusual.) For dwarves, a correctly-fitted chain shirt stops at mid-thigh and completely covers the wrist.

3. Tabard. Usually made of wool, the tabard has a dual purpose. Members of the army are identified by the bright color, and it also provides an added layer of warmth or protection. It is worn over the chain shirt. Tabards come in many colors and patterns depending on which army they belong to, however, most are either red or green. The red tabard denotes those who belong to the King's Army, while the green tabard denotes Westerisle Army members. At the current time there is little difference between the Westerisle and King's Armies - the two are completely intermixed. However, the two armies are theoretically distinguished by the fact that the King's Army is led by King Brisi, while the Westerisle Army is led by the Duke of Westerisle. Gunnora is a member of the King's Army - Fulla is a member of the Westerisle Army. (Also it should probably be noted that I have changed the design slightly so that it actually makes sense....)

4. Chest brace, also known as simply a brace or bracer. The chest brace is an article of clothing designed to compact and give support to the upper chest, as well as an extra layer of padding at the chest. They are generally made of knit wool.

5. Undershirt. The undershirt provides a layer of protection between the chain shirt and the skin. Undershirts are almost always white, and are made of a lightweight cotton weave in the summer or a heavyweight wool knit in the winter. The soldier's pack always comes with two.

6. Soap tin and soap. This soap is considered an all-purpose soap, and is used to wash the body, clothing, and food dishes. It is stored in a watertight metal tin.

7. Boots. Another absolute must for the soldier, these sturdy leather boots come in many shapes and sizes. They have thick, traction soles.

8. Hairbrush. Although dwarves bathe regularly, they rarely wash their hair, as they have very dense, thick hair, and washing it strips it of the natural oils and shines. Instead, most dwarves brush their hair nightly, drawing the healthy oils from the scalp to the tips and removing dirt. These hairbrushes have soft bristles that are generally made from boar's hair.

9. Hair and beard oil. In order to maintain healthy hair and beards that are as long as is common, dwarves generally use a few drops of special oil to keep their hair supple and soft. The army provides a somewhat poor-quality oil. (It is much better than the oil Gunnora can normally afford.) Most soldiers will substitute the army's oil for their own brand.

10. Shorts. Basically underwear. Usually knit. Probably you don't need any more info.

11. Vest. This vest is a thick, heavy leather. Although not boiled and therefore relatively soft, the material is another layer of armor. It is worn over the chain shirt and tabard.

12. Socks. Heavy wool. A soldier's pack always comes with two pairs.

13. Knives. The soldier's pack provides two differently-sized knives - a large butcher's knife, which can be used for food preparation, and a much smaller carving knife, which is generally use to do things like cut rope, strips of cloth, or to carve wood.

14. Compass. Usually a map of the area to which the army is travelling is also provided, with rendezvous points marked in code.

15. Tin cup. This cup is rather large, and can be used in a variety of ways, including as a cup for drinking water, a small bowl for food, or as a shaving mug.

16. Armored gloves. These leather gloves have a strong grip, as well as a riveted metal plate that protects the back of the hand.

17. Flint and steel kit. The flint and steel kit comes in a small metal tin, and includes a flint, a steel, and char cloth for easily starting fires. The tin is watertight.

18. Bandages. All soldiers carry a measure of clean bandages to take with them for field first aid.

19. Shaving kit. The shaving kit is a small leather case that rolls up. It has a small mirror built into it, along with a straight razor, beard-scissors, and a shaving brush to create lather. Most soldiers substitute their own razor, scissors, and brush. Indeed, a dwarf's straight razor is often an important family heirloom.

20. Rope. High-quality hemp rope, made with rope-making machines, usually around 50 feet. Gunnora always carries extra.

21. Shaving soap. Although it doesn't fit in the kit, soldiers also receive a tin of low-quality shaving soap. Most soldiers substitute their own.

22. Waterskin. This is actually made from sheep or goat bladder, and then covered in leather, with a cork stopper. Although canteens do exist and are in general use throughout Gamilin Faham, waterskins are used in the army because they store more easily when empty.

23. Trousers. These heavy leather trousers have two parts - an inner wool knit trouser which clings tightly to the leg, and a loose leather exterior. In between the two layers, the trousers are stuffed with sawdust, as a form of armor. They are EXTREMELY hot and heavy.

24. Hardtack. Made from rye flour, these solid, thick biscuits last pretty much forever as long as they are kept dry. This is why they come in a watertight tin. Hardtack is usually softened with water and then either eaten in a stew or fried with butter.

25. Smoked goat meat. This smoked meat lasts a very long time and is an excellent source of protein. It is stored in a watertight tin. The meat is often salted as well as smoked, to increase preservation capacity.

26. Gauntlets. These steel gauntlets protect the forearm. The interlinked design makes them flexible and easily stored, but provides obvious weak points.

27. Sleeping mat. A thick pad for sleeping on.

28. Cloak. This heavy cloak usually has a wool interior and a waxed leather exterior, making it extremely warm and slightly water-resistant.

Keep in mind, Gunnora also carries a saucepan, a metal fork, a ladle, and a few metal bowls.

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