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A portrait of Libi ab Oren e Chesed, commissioned by her father on the occasion of her 60th birthday.

This particular portrait is currently owned by a private collector of the artist’s works.

Libi was Gunnora’s mother; she died when Gunnora was very young, with symptoms including unexplained pain in the abdomen. Originally from Maidham, she and her family moved to Gamilin Faham when she was 83 so that her father, a wealthy merchant, could pursue business contracts. Unfortunately, the contracts fell through, and the family was forced to sell most of their possessions.

Maidham is a very mixed culture – there are hundreds of ethnic groups, each with their own traditions and languages. Libi’s family is from an ethnic group known in Gamilin Faham as the Danukhâna (also spelled Danukhaana).

Traditional Danukhâna braids are rather different from Gamilin Faham braids, as you can see. In addition to an extra spot for braids beginning at the side of the head and a back braid which falls over the shoulder, they have a couple of braid variants, including the “banded” braid and the herringbone braid. Libi sports both – she has banded chin and cheek braids, as well as a herringbone back-shoulder braid. The Danukhâna also generally wear much more jewelry than Gamilin Faham dwarves – not only in their hair, but on their necks, arms, and legs.

After falling in love with Skerry, Libi changed her chin braids to match his double braid. Although the braid-changing tradition is not actually observed by the Danukhâna, she thought the idea was beautiful and romantic.

Danukhâna dwarves consider hair jewelry to be somewhat spiritual in nature, and it is very common to keep hair jewelry in the family and for young children to select their ancestor’s jewelry to wear in their own braids. Libi wore her great-grandmother’s circlet, her great-pibling’s bands, a teardrop braid clasp from her great-great grandfather, and round beads that belong to her grandparent.

After Libi’s death, Skerry ensured that her jewelry was divided up among her children. Valgard received the circlet, Einar received the bands, Torstan received the clasp, and Gunnora received the round beads.

Before becoming an indentured servant, Torstan wore his hair like his mother – with the single back braid over the shoulder, and on important occasions he would wear the clasp. However, since becoming an indentured servant he has been unable to wear the clasp.

Gunnora didn’t start wearing the round beads until after she gave herself front braids to match Alfdis. They were Gunnora’s most valuable possessions – both in terms of their market value, and in their emotional importance.

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Beautiful page!
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Thank you!