Ch 7 Pg 18
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Ch 7 Pg 18

dedicatedfollower467 11th Jan 2016, 12:00 AM edit delete
OMG y'all we're almost done with this chapter!


illusionoftheworld 15th Jan 2016, 1:24 PM edit delete reply
Those sharp goblin claws though. o.o
dedicatedfollower467 15th Jan 2016, 3:09 PM edit delete reply
kjc 19th Jan 2016, 6:38 PM edit delete reply
Goblin-speak deciphered, minus the 4 new symbols:
1st goblin: What should we do with the prisoners, -ait -ies?
2nd goblin: Just put the rock person with the others, -ae-.
So far, all the major goblin characters appear to be female. Why is that?
dedicatedfollower467 22nd Jan 2016, 3:53 PM edit delete reply

(The main reason why there are a lot of female goblins is because I tend to create a lot of female characters in general - especially for this comic!)