Ezden Kerr Distance Racing
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Ezden Kerr Distance Racing

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Ezden Kerr is a multi-level city built into and on top of two hills. It is a city where people build on top of, around, and into pre-existing buildings. Like Elekhuz, it is a city of stairs. Unlike Elekhuz, it’s roads are a myriad crisscrossing of streets, alleyways, avenues, plazas, and squares. Half its roads exist on top of the roofs of other buildings.

And because of this, a sport called “Distance Racing” was born.

The basic premise of Distance Racing is that all the participants start in a particular place (usually Market Plaza, where the goblins made their announcement in the last chapter) and then they try to find the longest route they can take across the roofs of the city without touching the ground or doubling back on themselves.

Basically it’s a giant city-wide game of “the floor is lava.”

It involves a lot of parkour-like ridiculous stunts (such as jumping off of roofs and swinging across clotheslines.) Most participants try to stay as high up as they can – even an accidental ground-touch can disqualify you, and sometimes what counts as “ground” is a little difficult to tell in Ezden Kerr. Although speed isn’t really the point of it the sport, most serious participants are very fast runners, and tend to speed through their runs as quickly possible.

Every Distance Race is a little different, because everyone is always trying to find something new to lengthen their route. The current record-holder is Ulfeidr of Ezden Kerr, a native to the city who was the dwarvish equivalent of about 15 years old when they won two years ago. Their record-holding run is about 5 miles from Market Plaza to the southern corner of the Painted District. Critics and fans alike both talk about the fact that the only reason Ulfeidr was able to do it was because there was a cart parked in Blue Well Square which they used as a stepping-stone to get across.

It’s a sport which requires you to be agile, quick on your toes, and fast-thinking. A good head for spatial relationships and deep familiarity with the city also help quite a bit.

Distance Running is generally considered a lower-class sport, but many families pride themselves on their family heritage as Distance Racers. Parents will often pass on secret route tricks and strategies to their children, and it’s not uncommon to see people practicing as a family.

Even people who don’t participate in the sport are pretty good at navigating the “high roads” – because often, it’s the fastest and most efficient route to where you’re going.