Happy Halloween!
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Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween from Alfdis and Gunnora!

Featuring Count Dracula and Frankenstein’s Monster!

This is my November update post. This last month has been packed, and I’ve been having a blast with everything that’s been going on.

You can see a lot of my current art on my art blog, including assignments from The Center for Cartoon Studies and my Inktober! The piece up above is my last Inktober piece. Although I didn’t quite get to 31 images in 31 days, I definitely grew as an artist and really fell in love with working in brush and ink. I’m seriously considering switching all of Alfdis and Gunnora’s lineart to traditional brush-and-ink art!

Despite my enthusiasm, Alfdis and Gunnora is still on hiatus. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, CCS keeps me pretty busy, and I just can’t see myself having enough time to restart A+G on a regular schedule.

I plan to start the comic again on December 19th. You’ll get a new full chapter of A+G while I’m on winter break, during December and January. After that, we’ll see what happens. I might go back on hiatus during my spring semester, or I might be able to keep going. It all depends.

Regardless, I will update you on Monday, December 5th with plans! I’ll remind you about the beginning of the new chapter, let you know about whatever things I’m doing during November, and have a new little piece of A+G art to share!

Alfdis and Gunnora isn’t over yet, and I can’t wait to let you all see what’s coming in the future! I just know that A+G will get better and better thanks to my time here at CCS and all the incredible techniques I’ve been learning. I am looking forward to telling more of the story!

Thank you to all my wonderful, incredible readers. Without you, Alfdis and Gunnora wouldn’t exist, and I wouldn’t be here at CCS, and I would never have even considered this as a career option. I am so grateful to every single one of you for all of your support. Hopefully I can repay your loyalty with new comics in the near future!