Danukhâna Spirit Vessels
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Danukhâna Spirit Vessels

dedicatedfollower467 15th May 2017, 12:00 AM edit delete

That's right; Alfdis and Gunnora's back! As usual, a little worldbuilding tidbit to start the chapter.

Let's talk about Danukhâna spirit vessels. This is going to be a somewhat shorter article than normal.

Gunnora's mother, Libi, was a Danukhâna dwarf. The Danukhâna have a somewha different spiritual worldview that most Nathithad dwarves.

Nathithad says that, since Daughter freed all dwarf souls from their bodies, no dwarf can remain behind. Spirits, demons, ghosts, and the like, are not real things.

Danukhâna, on the other hand, deeply believe in the importance of permanent spirits, and that the spirits of dead dwarves stay behind to watch over their kin long after they are gone. There are several means by which this occurs.

One is through the Soul Vessel. A Danukhâna dwarf, if they know they are going to die, will fashion a jar or jug, usually out of clay, or have such a jug commissioned. When they die, their last breath is captured in the jug, and their soul enters it as well. The Soul Vessel is then sealed, usually with molten metal or wax, and kept by the dwarf's family. From the Soul Vessel they can watch over their family.

Another, less definite way of preserving a dwarf's spirit is by preserving the jewelry they wore in life. Danukhâna believe that if someone treasures a thing, a little bit of their spirit is left behind in it. Hair jewelry is considered very sacred because it is passed down through families, and therefore the spirits of many ancestors dwarves protect the bearer of the jewelry.

The jewelry and soul vessel shown above belonged to Libi, Gunnora's mother. Her Soul Vessel was kept under her husband's bed until the destruction of Elekhuz.

Most Nathithad dwarves find Danukhâna beliefs about spirits to be strange and surreal at best, and offensively heretical at worst. Gunnora generally hides this part of her heritage from the people she knows.