Ch 3 Pg 1
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Ch 3 Pg 1

dedicatedfollower467 10th Feb 2014, 8:00 AM edit delete
I am really, really super excited for this chapter, I had kind of forgotten about how great it's gonna be.

Also, do you like the new style? It hasn't changed a ton, I've just started using color to emphasize highlights and shadows, but I think it really ads to the whole thing, you know? Please do tell me if you think it doesn't look as good, though.


RyoshiMicchi 10th Feb 2014, 9:53 AM edit delete reply
I'm really super excited too :3
And the page looks really good, you should keep it like that
dedicatedfollower467 10th Feb 2014, 12:48 PM edit delete reply
Thanks! I prefer it this way, too. Good to know there's some people out there who agree!
theflashisgone 12th Feb 2014, 6:40 PM edit delete reply
Who are the not-dwarf-sized people? Is this tournament not just for dwarfs?
dedicatedfollower467 12th Feb 2014, 9:41 PM edit delete reply
Nope! This Tournament is for anybody who can actually get to the city and then fight in the thin, high-altitude air. Most of the tall people you might see this chapter are human, and are sponsored by nobles, and so are competing in the Nobles' Tournament.