Elekhuz City Map
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Elekhuz City Map

dedicatedfollower467 18th Apr 2014, 9:00 AM edit delete
Filler art between chapters - the city map of Elekhuz!

For the record, you will NEVER see a dwarf map that looks like this one, because Gamilin Faham dwarves generally put West at the top of a map, but I figured that would be a little confusing for you.

Elekhuz is one of the largest (non-human) cities on the continent and the oldest and most important dwarf city in existence. Boasting over 350,000 occupants, it is literally built into a mountain - Spiral Street climbs slowly all the way up, while various staircases, cut directly into the mountainside, connect different levels. Apart from Spiral Street, Elekhuz really has only one other road - Wall Road, which runs along the bottom of the northern edge of the mountain. Higher places are generally more desirable, as are homes built into the side of the mountain, rather than those raised on the outer edge of Spiral Street. Thus, the Wall District is basically a slum, populated by the extremely poor. Gunnora's family lives in the Wall District.

Alfdis lives in the High District, which is the area of the city higher than Noble Gate and lower than the Royal Estate. This portion of Spiral Street is sometimes called High Road. On the innermost side of High Road are large, impressive mansions where nobles live. On the outermost side their servants and bodyguards live in houses.

The Market District is a collection of shops in and along Spiral Street. This portion of Spiral Street is usually called Market Road. One of the largest and most impressive markets on the continent, the Elekhuz Market sees thousands of transactions every day. Unfortunately, thanks to Elekhuz's hard-to-reach location and the difficulty of getting around, the market rarely sees non-dwarf customers. However, those humans, elves and members of other species courageous and hardy enough to brave Elekhuz's steep slopes and thin air will find some of the finest goods available, made by the greatest craftsmen and artisans in the world. In addition, on holidays, Market Road and most of the shops are cleared out, and the street is turned into a festival plaza. This is where the Mid-Summer Tournament takes place every year.

There is also a famous Temple in Elekhuz, generally just referred to as The Temple, but technically called "The Temple of the Good Dwarf." In dwarvish, this is Ghurfin Ghelek-Khuzd, and it is from the shift from Ghelek-Khuzd to "Elekhuz" that the city gets its name. Built into the southeastern side of the mountain, the Temple is the oldest building in Elekhuz, as it was once part of an ancient dwarvish monastery on the top of the mountain. The area around the Temple is not nearly so pious, however - the Temple District is known for its taverns, pubs, inns, gambling dens, strip clubs, brothels, and other such institutions catering to those universal vices of sentient beings. Unlike the Wall District, where people struggle to simply survive, the Temple District caters to the moderately wealthy who have money to spend on their entertainment. Many young people "work" in the Temple District but live in the southern slums or the Wall District. However, it is widely acknowledged that the best dwarvish beer in the world comes from the Lion's Tooth Tavern, found in the Temple District.

A note about Spiral Street: in a few of the previous comics, I badly misjudged the size of Spiral Street. Spiral Street is huge, wider across than over half the houses in Elekhuz. It is so broad, in fact, that extremely poor people may literally live in the street. There would be enough room on Spiral Street for nearly 40 dwarves to walk abreast down it - if it weren't for the fact that most of the street is covered with little shacks, junk, and the various belongings of inner-side families.

Because of the unusual style of building houses in Elekhuz, people may literally be living on top of each other - those with outermost houses have them built over the lower level's innermost houses. It is generally assumed that everyone who lives in an innermost house is wealthier and higher in rank than anyone with an outermost house.

The major staircases are marked on this map, but there are literally hundreds of smaller staircases spanning the city, some of them only one dwarf wide. Elekhuz is a strenuous city of ups and downs, and even some dwarves become fatigued and out-of-breath, especially if they were born in the countryside or are not used to walking about the city.

... Okay, yeah, I probably know more about Elekhuz than anyone ever wanted to know, so if you want more details, head over to Alfdis and Gunnora's Tumblr at alfdisandgunnora.tumblr.com/ask.

Also, don't forget, a new chapter begins next Friday! Come see the cover!


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Maps for the win!
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Right? They're awesome!