Gamilin Faham Map
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Gamilin Faham Map

dedicatedfollower467 25th Jul 2014, 12:00 AM edit delete
As with the map of Elekhuz, you'll never find a dwarvish map that looks like this, since they generally put West at the top of their maps. I seriously considered putting West at the top, but with this double-page spread, it wouldn't have been an effective use of the space.

Anyways! This is a map of Gamilin Faham (with a little bit of Duneard off to the side, but we're ignoring Duneard. For now).

The most striking features of Gamilin Faham are its five Great Roads (Tharaakhel), which are essentially huge highways that cut through and across mountains. These five are: the Great Western Road, which stretches through the Zelebad from Lagil Nalekhur to Nulukhin; the Great North Ridge Road, which follows the Abbadel from Elekhuz to Natin; the South Ridge Road, which likewise follows the Abbadel from Elekhuz to Oshgathol Rukhs (after which it becomes a simple path); Thurkhel Lomilaz, the Great Twilight Road, which runs from Elekhuz to Three Rivers; and Thurkhel Abkhundaz, the Great Dawn Road, which runs from Elekhuz to Nat Nudin.

Created over a thousand years ago and kept in excellent maintenance ever since, the Great Roads facilitate one of the most sophisticated domestic trade routes in existence. Wide enough for an entire caravan to pass at once, the Great Roads allow for swift and safe passage of goods and people. Although there is a toll for merchants, travelers' passage is free, so long as they are not selling anything. The roads are maintained by a crew of engineers and guards, who keep the roads in good working order and protect travelers on the road from bandits. Most of the major cities in Gamilin Faham are directly connected to the Great Roads.

The one significant exception to this would be the city of Westerisle, on the island of Westerisle. Westerisle was once its own independent nation, which joined with Gamilin Faham 750 years ago. Now it is a sovereign state of Gamilin Faham, and the Duchy of Westerisle confers the same honor and respect as the heir to the throne (and, in the past, the Duchex of Westerisle HAS been the heir to the throne, though this is not currently the case).

It's common in Gamilin Faham for regions or territories to share a name with a city - thus Westerisle the island and Westerisle the city, Ezden Kerr the region and Ezden Kerr the city, etc. For future reference, most noble titles in Gamilin Faham do come with an associated area of land, and the area governed by the Earl of Ezden Kerr is a large estate near the city of Ezden Kerr.

The area known as Melekunin is a peculiar one, given its unusual border status. Unlike most borders, there really isn't a specific, permanent place where one leaves Gamilin Faham behind and enters Duneard. Individual families owe allegiance to one country or another, most in order to pay taxes (though tax fraud is VERY common in this region), but it's not uncommon to have next-door neighbors who belong to a different country, especially since most of the area is extremely spread-out farmland.

Duneard is a primarily halfling country, but halflings and dwarves are actually just bearded/non-bearded varieties of the same species, and so fertile hybrids are a possibility. And in Melekunin, they're a probability. Most people who live in Melekunin have both halfling and dwarvish blood, and the traditions of each country are somewhat blended and mixed in this area. In fact, Melekunin means "Place of Halflings" in High Dwarvish, while in Duneard's native Unear, the place is called Duncus, which means "Place of Dwarves!" Most places in Melekunin have two names - a Gamilin Faham name, and a Duneard one!

So that's the map of Gamilin Faham. Might be useful in the future.

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